ARIA Growth Partners provides businesses and their investors with simple, effective and competitive alternatives to traditional sources of capital.

We look at novel ways to partner with businesses to fund the next stage of their growth.

about us

ARIA Growth Partners is an arm of Westbrooke ARIA, a Section 12J fund established in 2015. It consists of a team of knowledgeable and successful fund managers who saw the need for alternative ways to fund business growth. Today, the company offers simple, competitive alternatives to traditional capital options, based on the rental of movable assets. We work closely with each client to identify opportunities to grow their business. We also assist sponsors and funding partners to release capital from significant movable assets on their balance sheets.

Aria - Westbrooke
Aria - Westbrooke


rental of movable assets

ARIA Growth Partners provides growth capital to new and existing rental businesses looking to open up new revenue streams or scale up their businesses fast. With us, suppliers of capital equipment can offer their clients attractive payment options and own the customer throughout the value chain.


  • Maintain ownership of the equipment
  • Long-term service and maintenance contracts
  • Sales opportunity at time of rental agreement expiry
  • Profit on sale of the asset at end of term

Rather than provide a rental solution for end-users, we work with our partners to build rental businesses, allowing them to compete with larger businesses by giving their customers more flexible payment terms.

existing businesses

Businesses often invest a large amount of their capital in non-revenue-generating assets. This ties up money that could be better used in areas of the business that promote revenue growth.

ARIA Growth Partners works with you to identify assets that could be used to develop a simple, quick and cost-effective way of injecting capital into your business. Now, there is no need to endure lengthy, bureaucratic credit processes that might result in suboptimal solutions for your business.

equity partners

ARIA Growth Partners can help small and mid-level private equity players fund the next level of growth in their investments. We work with business funders to structure solutions aimed at providing funding for transactions in niche movable asset classes, to provide capital on demand. We also join the equity partners to create a new structure allowing them to grow the business without the need to source further funding.

why us?

ARIA Growth Partners’ funds are raised using Section 12J of the Income Tax Act, which allows our solutions to be competitively priced.

Our team is experienced in structuring attractive propositions to help our partners access a level of growth capital not available through the usual funding lines. With the right partners, we move quickly to invest capital into assets that will allow our partners to scale their businesses rapidly.

Get in touch today and let’s work out a way to provide you with the funding you need to grow your business.

success stories

Brutes Air Rental Solutions

Brutes Air Solutions is an importer and distributor of high-end oil-free and oil-injected air compressors. Its key suppliers are two of the most recognised brands in the international compressed air industry today: the global Swedish giant, Atlas Copco, and Kaeser Kompressoren of Germany.

Mobile Macs Rentals

Mobile Macs was set up by Jonathan Matos and Gary Hesselberg in 2015 who identified a need in the fast food franchise industry for a reliable, cost-effective, hassle-free solution to meet the growing demand by consumers for a delivery service.

SepSci Lab Rentals

SepSci Lab Rentals is a partnership between Westbrooke Aria, Separation Scientific South Africa, an importer and distributor of analytical and testing laboratory equipment and consumables, and Investrent, a specialist, independent solutions company that focuses solely on laboratory equipment.

our team

Mark Matisonn

Ryan Rittoff

Jonti Osher

Carol-Ann Kinsley

Hayley Friedman

Allon Isaacman


get in touch today and let’s work out a way to free up your company’s cash and put it to work growing your business.


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